Culinary Joyride

30 Oct

The inaugural blog post is always a tricky one – I’ve been doing all the background work, meeting up with people to get their stories together, cooking up a storm for son and heir to take photographs (cue several teenage boys offering to help!) and trying every combination of background, font and colour to get the look. In other words, completely avoiding the whole get-it-out-there-cover-your-eyes-and-hope-they-like-it situation.

But this was the week – this was the week it had to go live! I’ve been on a culinary joyride this week. Picture me standing in the kitchen with, as an aside, the biggest sirloin steaks you have ever seen cooking away in the griddle. I’m supping on a bold rioja, RG is packing his bags for a month on the boat and I’m having a bit of a trawl through facebook. When I spot that the slow food group is meeting the next night at 63 Tay Street.
Now, if you’re not from the area you should probably know that 63 Tay Street (63 to us locals..) has long been heralded as one of Perth’s top restaurants. In that “two rosettes, swanky food, chef proprietor” type of top restaurant way. Unlike a lot of similarly labelled establishments 63 does live up to the hype that’s been built around it and Graeme Pallister, the chef, doesn’t greet you red in face and sweating from having boiled up an incompetent commis. Quite the opposite, he’s soft spoken and smiling, a bit on the cheeky side and quietly confident about what he’s about to serve up to this self-appointed foodie crowd.
Having promised NOT to turn this into a review blog I won’t get into the ins and outs of each course! But lets just say the week started well! Mackerel Tartar with horseradish cream, quails eggs and pine nuts followed by a local slow braised beef with mashed potato, black cabbage and kale and good old fashioned Apple Crumble with ice-cream to finish. Nuff said!
The hard core amongst us were obviously not content with convivial chat and good food and so headed out for malts and ales to Greyfriar’s pub when the evening looked like it was winding down. A few wee laphroigs, a couple of pints and the food stories started. That’s when I knew that this idea of writing down people’s Life Stories In Food was going to be a goer! We’re nosey by nature us humans, and no matter how a conversation starts it always get to food. And more drinks, and then more food. And then Graeme and Tim both agreeing to do a Life Story!